It was in 2014 when a pioneering store for city data was added to it. An area of ​​movie screening booths, of international standards, in the city center. Odysseos 13, Vardaris.

3 floors, almost 300 sq.m. set will be used as a backdrop for its thematic identity. Never again has the pleasure of watching erotic movies had such a sense of cleanliness, luxury and security. In a properly air-conditioned and ventilated area there are cabins of different dimensions, which have from a leather chair to an entire bed or a cot. Corridors, dark spaces, rooms with holes, home cnema room, inner courtyard, doctor’s office, chill out area, come to complete the scene.

Choose with the touch of a touch screen monitor and through thousands of movie titles the one that represents you or do your shopping in the most up-to-date gay sex shop in the city, with many options in str8 sex toys

As you will see in the photos, the decoration taken from erotic movie decor make the space ideal for solo or multiperson situations and gatherings. It is no coincidence that many couples, cross, trans and people of all ages visit us. We have from time to time organized, live sex show, swingers party, fisting nights, naked afternoons. The surprises will continue …. keep playing but play different #letsplay #wannaplay #playmore